Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7-11

Messenger, Messenger is a book about a messenger that bikes around New York City delivering messages.Since the messenger rides a bike, we will also be reading Ride Right, which is a book about a young boy learning the rules and laws for riding a bike safely. We will be learning about the organization and basic features of print. (spacing, where to start reading, illustration) We will also be reviewing parts of a book (cover page, title page, author, illustrator) and introducing new parts. (characters, setting)
This will be the last week the students will be training/learning how to do Daily 5 choices. (read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, word work, work on writing) Next week the students will be put in their groups and we will have regular Daily 5 time daily from 10-11. (volunteers wanted)

We are learning to label this week. This is a great lesson and you should see your child start to label their illustrations. (using initial letters or sounding out the word) Students are also learning hot to use the word wall when they are writing. Our word wall is full of sight words that can't be sounded out. The words are velcroed to the wall and the students can take a word to their seat to spell it. (a fun home activity might be to make a word wall at your home)

We are continuing to learn/review numbers to ten. We will be learning numbers 7 and 8 this week. Please make sure your child is writing their numbers correctly. Many students are writing their numbers wrong or backwards. They should always be writing their numbers and letters starting from the top. Please make sure they are working in their handwriting notebook weekly to improve handwriting. I will also be discussing patterns and hopefully doing a fun pattern project with them. Please continue to use vocabulary same and different with your child in everyday.

Social Studies/Science
We are focusing on community and community helpers this week. Thursday we are going on a neighborhood field trip to a firehouse and bakery. We are also having community worker interviews.
For science we will be learning and exploring our five senses!

Thursday looks like nicer weather but please check the weather in the morning because we will be walking to our destinations at 10 AM.

Mr. E

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