Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 25th week

Well I am back and completely healthy. Here is what we are up to this week.

We will continue our book theme of machinery by reading one of my childhood favorites, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. We will continue to study verbs but focus mostly on orally retelling a story. Tuesday, students will be expected to orally tell you what happens in the story this week.

We are reading When Sophie gets Angry to give us ideas for writing stories of what happens when we get angry. I am also introducing Writer's Workshop to the students this week. It will take place during languages three times a week.

Numbers to 100 and skip counting.

We also have a 1/2 day on Wednesday and a dentist visiting on Thursday. The schooltube channel is still a work in progress but the videos download fairly easy onto this blog, so I will use that in the mean time.

Mr. E

Sunday, February 17, 2013

this week

Wednesday we have our class spelling bee from 12:30-1:30. Parents (fans) are welcome to come into the classroom. 
Thursday we are having the 100th day of school. Please contact Sarah Rudich if you can volunteer at some point during the day. 
Friday is the school-wide spelling bee where some of room 110 will compete.

This week we are still focusing on sequencing and retelling stories. We are working on adding more detail/writing more in our stories. Most of our focus this week is on math and counting skills though. We have been ignoring math too much over the last couple weeks while we were wrapping up our homes unit. This week will be all about 100 and counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. 

On Thursday (the 100th day) could you please send in a small snack with 100 in it. (ex. 100 Cheerios, 100 grapes, etc.) These will all be put together to make a 100th day "trail mix" snack for everyone. This is different from the 100th day project. Please bring send those projects in sometime before Thursday LABELED.

Hope to see you all Wednesday afternoon for the class spelling bee. Should be fun.

Mr. E

Last week's activities!

 Ms. Solomon entertaining the kids with a Franklin Valentine story.
 Ms. Laura and Ms. Olga doing a fun Valentine picture frame.
 Ms. Nettie and Ms. Carie helping the kiddos decorate Valentine boxes.
 Ms. Ronda, Ms. Enders, and Natalie's grandmother helping make some really cool sucker flowers.
 Building homes.

Building homes.
Writing about homes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pictures from the field trip

 Ulises jamming in the Ravina Music area.
 Still jamming.
 Reyna painted HER OWN face!
 Gabi had a little bit too much fun.

What a field trip!

Lincoln's birthday week

Remember : No School on Tuesday.

We are still focusing on our Homes around the world book and we will be building and writing about the homes they chose.

Writing about the homes as well as focusing on writing and illustrating more to our stories.

Counting by 2s, and 5s.

Social Studies
Homes around the world! Abraham Lincoln

We are also having a Valentines celebration on Thursday. Students CAN bring Valentines but ARE NOT REQUIRED TO.

Also, LaSalle II's student council is having PENNY WARS over the next couple of weeks. This is how it works. Each class gets a big jug. We want to get the most points to get a pizza or ice cream party. We get points by putting pennies in our own jar and all other silver coins in other classes jar. (silver coins subtract from the penny count) The kids are extremely into this so help us win a party. Thanks

Mr. E

P.S. Please return your consent form so that I can get pictures/videos put up for you to see what we are doing.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4-8

We are reading Homes around the world again. This is the last week of our homes unit and then next week will be spent building some homes learned about. I will also be introducing the sequence of a story to the students. Sequencing is important for the students to be able to retell a story in the correct order and understand the events in the story like the problem and solution. We will be focusing on this for a while and then the students can transfer it to their writing when they start to write their own stories. Please send in cereal boxes the will fit a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. These are not for building homes but will serve as storage for students books as they will soon start to make their own books. 

We are working on writing more/adding detail to story and illustrations. We are also continuing our study of adjectives (describing words) to make our writing more interesting. You will be getting your child's mid year writing assessment sent home with notes in it tomorrow. Read the notes and help your child become a better writer at home. Also, compare your child's book to a writing from the beginning of the year to encourage them and so they can see their progress!

Flat shapes and shape patterns.

Blending (sp, fl, br, etc.) and the H brothers (sh, ch, th, wh, ph).

Next week the students will be building their homes from around the world out of the boxes you donated. There will be an email coming out soon with times you can come in and help.

Field trip
We have a field trip Friday! We are headed to the Kohls Children's Museum. All parents may come on the field trip for $6.50 unless you received an email from me stating that you are free. The buses will leave school at 9:30 on Friday. Please be at the school by 9 if you plan on coming with us. Email me with any questions.

Mr. E