Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 21-25

We are reading If you could go to Antarctica. It is a non-fiction book about the continent of Antarctica. We will be exploring Antarctica with all our senses. We are beginning to learn about key details of a story and this week we will be focusing on SETTING and MAIN IDEA. Please use this vocabulary with your child a lot so they get used to hearing/using it. Have them identify these details in books they read or hear at home.

Science (Five Senses Week!!!)
We are reviewing our five senses and doing fun activities using our senses. We will focus on one sense each day of the week.

Social studies
This week we are sharing our family projects for community workers/helpers. Your child has been assigned a day and will have approximately 5 minutes to share. Can't wait to see the students present. I will try to video tape them and email them to you.

Pairing items that go together and one-to-one corresponding. We will have our unit assessment on Friday for chapters 1 and 2 which covered numbers 1-9, same and different and other skills.

Students will be writing about things that are different shapes. We are still learning how to label our pictures to tell more and the students are beginning to use different resources (word wall, word book, writing center, the room, etc.) to help them write. Please encourage them to use resources at home to spell words and if all else fails, sound it out (turtle talk). I will be teaching them to turtle talk which means saying the word slowly to hear the different sounds in the word. This is fun to do and you can model it for them!

Remember to keep using Raz-kids and IXL and keep your students excited about learning.

Mr. E

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