Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 28-October 31

Can you believe that we have reached the end of the first quarter!?!?! It seems like just yesterday your children were walking through the doorway on the first day of school. Well, they have come a long way since then. Since this week is full of fun activities and a short week (no school Friday), this week will be used as a review week. We will be reviewing reading skills that we have learned like: 3 ways to read a book (pictures, words, retell), parts of a book, author, illustrator and setting. We will review writing skills such as: labeling our illustrations, using resources to help us write, brainstorming writing ideas and "turtle talking" (saying a word slow to hear the individual sounds). We will review math skills like: numbers 0-9, same/different, spotting differences, patterns, colors and shapes. We will be reading some fun Halloween books as well as preparing for our field trip to the farm on Wednesday.


  • Send homework notebook to school this week to be checked. I will send it back home when I have checked it over.
  • Farm chaperones please arrive at school at 8:30 AM on Wednesday. The bus leaves at 9 AM and we will do a quick debrief and bathroom break prior to leaving. If it is easier you may come in the classroom at the start of school and volunteer during writing until it is time to go. Let me know if you will be doing this. You will have to check-in at the front desk with security (you can't come in the back doors).
  • Please pack a small snack that can be eaten on the bus to the farm. Students will eat their snack on the bus and then they will eat lunch at the farm before we leave for school. Please pack a SIMPLE snack that is not messy.
  • Children may wear costumes to school Thursday and bring a treat to share (not mandatory). Students MAY NOT WEAR MASKS to school. 
  • Halloween party volunteers please contact the room parents with any questions.

  • All the students did a great job on their community worker family projects. We had a great variety. All videos should be up on my youtube channel: Blees2
  • Thank you for all the donations off the wish list. It is greatly appreciated by me and (without them knowing it) by your children too!
  • If anyone would like to come in and share about Dia de los muertos or Veteran's Day let me know.

Signing out,
Mr. E

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