Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 4

So here is what our upcoming week looks like.
We will be reading an awesome book called This is the Way we go to School. It is about how kids get to school all over the world. With this story we will be learning about movement words, ways of transportation, and geography. We will continue to work on features of a book: front, back, author, illustrator and reading left to right. The kids have been hearing a lot of stories. They hear them from me, from each other, from our TAG pens,  and from our listening center. (see wish list) I have some fun centers planned for this week: sorting A and P objects, drawing ways to move, etc.
For writing this week we will be writing things we like to do in kindergarten (students main writing topic during each week is kept and made into a classroom book) as well as continuing to write in our shiny new journals.
In math we will be learning/reviewing numbers 1-4 as well as adding same and different to our "AMAZING MATH WORDS" poster and doing fun math centers.
For phonics the students will do some letter play and review letter names and sounds as well as focus on the letters Aa and Pp. (do these pages in purple phonics book)
We are starting our social studies curriculum this week too. It focuses a lot on feelings at the beginning.

P.S. The students will have a substitute on Friday and Monday. Please review the rules with them before school these days and encourage them to be good listeners/rule followers. Thanks!

-Please get me your field trip permission slip and $20 by Thursday to confirm your child will attend the field trip October 12th. Also, the five free chaperone spots are filled but any parent may attend the trip. You will pay the adult price upon arrival so bring cash.
-As stated above, the students are loving listening to the TAG books and listening center. Donations of new books would be great so the students can stay interested in listening to new books. Please inform me if you plan on buying any of these so I can let you know what we already have. Thanks!

Mr. Edwards

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving forward

The first seven days of school have been great! We did a bunch of stuff like learned names, learned rules and procedures (ask your child the five steps to using the washroom or have them name the five classroom rules!!!), read books, made books, played games, learned centers (ask your child what their favorite center is), laughed and had a blast.
Next Monday, September 24th will mark the start of our curriculum for this kindergarten year. We will dive into our weekly book The Little School Bus and do lots of fun activities with that. We will start our math series and review numbers. We will start our writing block and students will get journals! For phonics we will  learn about the letters M and T and the sound they make as well as start rhyming.
I am looking forward to a great week!

Mr. Edwards