Monday, October 14, 2013

October 15-18

We are reading On the Move this week and discussing transportation and how people around the world use different modes of transportation. We will be reviewing parts of a book and organization of a book one last week. I will start meeting with small groups during reading time this week. This happens during our Daily 5 time. We do this every morning Mon-Thurs. from 10:10-11:10. How it works is I meet with a group of four students while the other students choose an activity between word work, work on writing, listen to reading, read to someone, read to self or computers. The kids have been training to do this for 30 some days now and have done a great job. This week will be the first week that I am not available to them because I am working with a small group. My room parents are working on getting volunteers for this time to help Daily 5 run smooth. If you are available and willing to help you would simply just be another adult in the room and help where necessary. Please think about volunteering!

Letters R and D (and lots of fun call and responses during our "blue book" time)

Numbers to 9. PATTERNS! We are doing a fun end of the week project. Keeping it a secret though. We need volunteers Friday though.

Labeling, labeling, labeling. Your student should start labeling their illustrations at home. If they draw a picture of them at the park then they should label (by sounding out or just with the first letter) them, their friends, the monkey bars, etc. They are also learning to use resources to help them write. Instead of asking how to spell "the", they should find the word somewhere (word wall). If they are writing at home and want to spell the dog's name, they should look at his collar. Students should be starting to spell a few sight words correctly as well as trying to sound out non-sight words (table=tbl)<--- this is age appropriate.

Using primary colors to make secondary colors.

Thank you to everyone who purchased something off the wish list. I/my kiddos are grateful for it.

Mr. E

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