Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 8-12

We are reading a variety of award winning and fun books that I have not gotten to this year. We are also still reading some non-fiction texts on habitats and animals. 

We wrapped up writer's wrokshop last week. Over the next couple weeks I will be introducing poetry to the kids and they will bring home a poetry book next week. 

We will continue to reveiw math skills the rest of the year as well as finish up our math curriculum learning about coins and adding coins. Students started learning about coins last week as they have been earning coins instead of Dojo points. They have a chance to spend their coins at the end of each day at the classroom store. Please have your child practice counting coins at home. I am teaching them to add up the highest values first. Adding up quarters, dimes, and nickels is not a kindergarten skill but great practice for first grade. 

We are putting all our focus and energy into habitats and animals as we turn our room into a miniature zoo. 

Mr. E