Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 26-30

We are reading "It's Okay to be Different" by Todd Parr this week. We will talk about what makes us special and different and also how we are the same. This ties in nicely with our math vocabulary same and different as well.

We will be reviewing numbers 3-5 this week and discussing attributes that are the same/different as well as numbers that are the same/different.

Students will be introduced to the writer's workshop model this week. They will be given time to write freely each day (Mon-Wed) while we work on building up our stamina like we have for read to self.

We will introduce/review letters Aa and Pp this week.

Five senses

Social Studies
We will be doing lessons out of our Second Step program which focus on feelings.

Check out the volunteer sign-up sheet that I sent to you and think about a time you would like to come and help in the classroom. I will expand the dates sometime this week to give more options.

Friday is the end of September. Students ClassDojo points will be checked on Thursday. If your child has 35+ points by Thursday they will receive a coupon to bring show and tell on Friday, September 30th. Please make sure the show-and-tell is a reasonable size and manageable for a classroom of 29 setting. Thanks. As always, email or ClassDojo message me with questions.

Mr. E

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 19-23

This week we will be starting our kindergarten curriculum. Our first unit is about connecting with ourselves and community. The first three weeks will be entitled "From Me to We" and will focus on on classroom, school and neighborhood communities.

Below is a quick description of what each subject will focus on this week. This is how all weekly blog updates will look. I hope this helps with connecting you with your child's education and allows for a positive partnership between you and I.

Our book of the week is "The Little School Bus". We will be learning about characters in a story and sequencing the events of a story.

Students will be introduced to writing time and get to use their very own journal.

We will be learning the letters M and T and their sounds.

This week we will be learning numbers 1, 2 and 3. We will learn and use math vocabulary such as: same, not the same and different.

We will continue to work on our classroom community using our Second Step curriculum and revisiting "Bucket Filling".

Mr. E

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 12-16

This week we will continue learning rules, procedures and routines. We will be reading books about friendship, kindergarten and rules.

We will be taking the NWEA math and literacy assessments this week. I will also be finishing up other beginning of the year assessments with the students.

Please check out classdojo daily to see what we are up to. Thanks.

Mr. E

Monday, September 5, 2016


I am so excited to get this new year started. Here is what we will be up to this week in room 110.

This week is all about making the students feel comfortable and get used to school. We won't be diving into the academics but we will be learning a lot of procedures, rules and names. Students will be doing some activities based on stories we read and will bring home some work they have done in school. We will be watching a couple educational videos to allow me to assess students one-on-one as well. We will begin our kindergarten unit 1 on the third week of school. Starting that week I will provide a more comprehensive overview of what we will be studying/learning. This week and next week we are simply focused on learning the procedures and rules for being in kindergarten.

Please send any documents for the school or myself in your child's backpack this week. I will be working on getting the email list set-up so if you weren't at Back To School Night or you didn't give me your email yet please email me with your child's name so I can add you.

Please sign-up for ClassDojo using the code that was sent home with you in your child's packet.

Email me with any questions. Thanks.

I look forward to seeing your child tomorrow on their first day of school!

Mr. Edwards or Mr. E