Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 4-8

We are reading Marcel and Farfallina this week. This book is about a goose and butterfly that are friends and both go through changes but remain friends in the end. We will focus on the problem/resolution and also the changes that animals go through.
We will also be reading Diary of a Worm. We have two worm compost bins in our room so the students are interested in worms.

Students will continue making books during writers' workshop. Most students should be finishing their first book this week and bringing it home. Students are receiving specific instruction to work on writing skills they need to develop during writers' workshop.
Students will be making their own "diary of a worm" during literacy centers.

We will be wrapping up sorting and classifying on Monday. Students should be able to sort random items by one or two attributes. The rest of the week we will be doing addition and subtraction word problems. By Friday students should be able to answer, solve and write math problems up to 10.

We will be discussing animal changes, continuing our plant observations, and continuing to learn about the environment.

Mr. E

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