Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 20-24

We are reading On the Move this week. It is a non-fiction story about modes of transportation around the world.

We are learning letters R and D this week.

This week the students will learn to label items. They will learn to label items in their illustrations. Labels are a great way for them to learn how to tell more. Students will learn to "turtle talk" words. "Turtle talking" is them saying a word slowly (slow like a turtle) so they can hear the sounds in a word and then write the sounds. Correct spelling is not expected here but students should be able to write at least the beginning sound and maybe some other consonants. (i.e. a student labeling a horse in their picture may write the word "hrs" or "hos". This is great.

We are done learning/reviewing numbers to 10 and your child will bring their math book home tomorrow. Please review the book with your child. I don't formally correct the math book or grade it so if there are some pages done incorrectly or incomplete please do them at home. DO NOT send the book back to school.

Social Studies
Building a strong classroom community. Community helper sharing!!!

Transportation around the world.

Family Project
This week is family project sharing week. Each student was/is assigned a day to share a community helper/community job. Please send your child to school ready to share on their day. I wi

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