Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 3-7

We will be spending time looking closer at the illustrations in books and discussing how they connect/represent what the author is writing about. Basically just getting a little deeper into books and stories to show students the reasons authors and illustrators include things. This is a build up to writer's workshop, which we will be starting fourth quarter.
Our book of the week is Mayday! Mayday!. It is a realistic fiction book about a coast guard rescue. It has lots of new vocabulary that we will discuss. We are doing "close reading" each week with our book of the week. We read the book three times and get deeper into it each time. First time I just read it with few interruptions/questions. The second time we do comprehension questions. The third time we do a discussion or create something from the book. Please ask your children about the book of the week and discuss it.

We are syllables!

We are working on story webs and organizing ideas before we write. Then we use our webs to create stories that are focused.

Social Studies/Science
Coast guard and helicopters

Numbers to 100 and ordering numbers. Students are learning that double digit numbers are made by using groups of tens and ones. They were amazed by this last week!

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