Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 10-14

This week I will be introducing fluency skills to the students. I will be sending some literature home for you to read to better understand how to help your child become a fluent reader. This week I will be focusing on RATE. Which is the speed of reading.
I will be teaching fluency skills over the next few weeks. Starting in April, the students will each be given a day when they get to read to the class during reading time. This will be a culmination of all the fluency skills they have learned. I will be sending home a calendar with your child's date as well as a syllabus for what I will be looking for on your child's day.

We are exploring non-fiction books and learning how to write non-fiction. This week we are reading Airport to get ideas of places we know. We will be writing non-fiction about these places we know. Please help your child understand that non-fiction writing is different than opinion writing. (i.e. Instead of saying library is fun! They should write what they do at library or what they see in the library.)

We learned syllables last week and I will be reviewing it for some students this week. We will then be getting into the different parts of a syllable (onset and rime). We will only be focusing on one-syllable words. We will be breaking them into parts. (i.e. take = t-ake) This will help students with spelling and hearing the parts of words.

Finishing chapter 8 (numbers to 100). Students should be able to skip count by 10s, 5s, and 2s to 100. They should know what tally marks are and how to use/write them and count by 5s. I will be reviewing the concept of greater and least as students seemed confused with this concept last week. They should be able to pick out the greatest and least number out of a group of numbers. They should also be able to say what number comes before and after a number. We will be having an IXL challenge during the month of March. I will be telling the students about it tomorrow. Remember, on IXL students can skip around grade levels and skills to challenge themselves with on level skills. Let me know if you need your child's ID and/or password.

Social Studies
We are reading Max Takes the Train this week. We will be learning about modes of transportation.

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