Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 24-28

We will continue to work on fluency skills. We will focus on comprehending while reading.

We are starting our last week of non-fiction writing this week. The last two weeks our class made non-fiction books about our classroom and about a classmate. This week we will be exploring food with our senses and making a book about food. Students seem to have a pretty good understanding about the difference between writing fiction and non-fiction. This will be important when we start our writer's workshop time in a couple weeks.

We are finishing up chapter 9 and I will send the packet of extra practice home tomorrow. We will get through chapter 10 this week on ordinal numbers.

Science/Social Studies
We are reading See How We Grow this week. It is a book about two twin girls from birth to five years old. We will be learning about timelines and discussing changes as we grow and connecting that to other animals/plants.

I will be sending home a document this week that will have a date in April or May on it. This will be your child's day to bring a book and read to the class. I will have more instructions on the document. We will start next week.

Mr. E

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