Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 13-17

This week will be a week of transition and learning new procedures and schedule for the students. Students will all read independently for 5-15 minutes daily in the classroom. Please encourage them to begin to read independently at home as well. (using the reading skills they have learned in school to be ACTIVE READERS) I am adding a different phonics time that will give students more focused phonics instruction. I have grouped our weekly story with our social studies and science time at the end of the morning. I have added structure to our calendar and dismissal time that will hopefully help with late dismissals and lost clothing. The students should also be moving into their shiny new lockers sometime this week. The lockers will be specifically for their winter clothing. They will share a locker with one other student. They will still keep their backpacks in the room on a hook. I will soon be implementing a book check out system so students can bring home my books nightly or weekly. Those are some of the exciting changes in room 110.

We are reviewing how to be an active reader. Some skills we have learned so far are: Being a reading detective (finding the key details of the story, characters, setting, etc.), visualizing (making a movie in their head), predicting (before and during reading) and making connections (connecting our lives to something in the story/book).

We are going to learn how to use story webs to organize stories and make sentences.

Long and short E

Reviewing unit 2 and numbers to 20. Using a ten frame.

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