Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec. 15-20

We will be listening, reading and watching The Polar Express this week. We will be focusing on the skill of visualizing and progressing through the book by listening to it and making a movie in our heads. Looking at the pictures in the book and making movies in our head. Watching and discussing the movie over 3 days.

We will be learning/reviewing vowels and their sounds this week. Please make sure your child knows the short vowel sounds for all the vowels. Have them practice sounding out CVC words like cat, pig, pot, bed and hug.

We will review new positional vocabulary we learned last week such as beside, next to, between, in front of, behind, under, inside and outside. We will also start chapter 6 which is numbers to 20.

Students will be writing about an animal they know. This will be a great wrap up to our animal homes mini-unit. Students should be writing at least one complete sentence when they write a story. Sentences should include a capital letter at the beginning, spaces between words, an ending mark and it should make sense.

Have a great week!

Mr. E

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