Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 9-13

Our story of the week is A Bed for Winter. It is about a dormouse preparing to hibernate. We will also be reading other books about hibernation and migration. I will be introducing sequence of a story (first, next, last), adjectives and comparing two ideas from a story/ies. Our letters this week are Ww and Xx.

Students will be writing about their friends. We will also be learning about sentences and how we write them correctly. (Capital, ending mark, spaces, makes sense) Students will be introduced to adjectives and encouraged to use them in their writings to make their stories more interesting.

Big and small things (adjectives)
"Does it Fit"- a fun game teaching sizes of objects and capacity of space to fit them (play at home)
Positions- lots of new vocabulary such as under, above, next to, etc.

Hibernation and migration. We will be focusing on gray whale and monarch butterfly migrations as well as many hibernating animals. We will "attempt" to have a debate on Friday where students try to prove why either hibernation/migration is better. Should be interesting.

Sight word game
"Sight word search"
Give you child a book and have them find and write all the sight words they can. Then they can count and see which word was the most in the book. (I will be introducing graphing this week so they could even try to graph the results. Might be too much though.)

Have a great week.

Mr. E

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