Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK week

We are featuring two books this week. Both about tools and building to go along with our unit on homes. We are reading a funny rhyming book called Fix-it Duck and a sing-a-long book called Old MacDonald had a Woodshed. We will be comparing the two books and making them come to life more through visualizing and some dramatic play. Students will get a chance to touch some building materials and some tools as well as read in our 'new' library we built on Friday.

We are writing about our feelings during writing time. I am also introducing the students to describing words this week and we are going to start using more describing words when we write. Please encourage this at home. (i.e. The house is big. or The big, white house on the corner has a pretty, red door.)

Reviewing skills and number writing to 20. Practice writing the teen numbers at home if you see your child is having trouble writing them correctly.

Social Studies
What are homes built with? Feelings. MLK.

How tools work.

The students' are loving the homes unit thus far. Please keep talking about it at home and MAKING CONNECTIONS.

Mr. E

P.S. Encourage other parents in the classroom to read the blog. Tell them they are missing out.

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