Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 14-18

We are starting a new mini-unit tomorrow. We wrapped up our animal homes unit and we will now be focusing on homes around the world. This week I will intro it with our book of the week Homes Around the World. During this unit we will be learning about homes, shelter, cultures and material used to build. We are continuing to work on comprehension skills like making connections, visualizing and predicting. I will also be teaching students ways to read difficult/new words. 

Review of long and short e sounds and intro to long and short u.

We are writing about animals we know and continuing to work on writing sentences correctly (capital, spaces, ending punctuation, one idea).

Numbers to 20. Ten-frames. Comparing and ordering numbers. Number riddles.

Social Studies
Homes and people around the world. Geography. Martin Luther King.

Other stuff:
I am still collecting boxes for building homes at the end of this unit. 

The first three chaperons that email me can come on the field trip to Kohls Children's Museum on Friday, February 8th for free and all others are welcome at $6.50.

Mr. E

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  1. Thanks for the update Mr. Edwards---always great to hear about what you and the kids are up to!