Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 7-11

We are getting back into the swing of things this week.

Our book for this week is called Building Beavers. We will be learning about beavers and where they live. We are continuing to focus on the question: What is shelter and why is it important? This is our last week learning about animal homes as we move to human homes next week.

Tomorrow we are making a book about our classroom resolutions for 2013. These are basically rules/procedures that we/I was getting a little lax on enforcing in December. So now we are all reminding ourselves of things we need to do better in school. Please read over this book with your child. We will also be writing about our friends on Wednesday. You can be in conversation about your child's friends over the week to get them thinking and writing more with more detail!

We are learning numbers to 20. This is an important week because the teens are the toughest numbers for students to memorize and write. We will be starting to use ten frames to help learn the concept of composing and decomposing numbers (the number 12 is made by 10 and 2). I will hopefully be sending home ten frames for your child to practice with at home.

Social Studies
Being friends

Beavers building

long e and short e sounds (long e= tree, short e= bed)

We will be having a spelling test on Friday. I will send the list home tomorrow I hope. Spelling tests are nothing to stress out about. Just getting your child used to word families and spelling tests that they will take in first grade. Have fun with them and please don't put pressure on your child when practicing/taking them.

Mr. E

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