Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29-November 2

We are reading a book called On The Move. It is a book about how people use different types of transportation in different parts of the world. Please continue to review author and illustrator with your child. We learned a little jingle that goes like this: "Hey have you heard, the author writes the words. And the illustrator, can draw and alligator." 

We are continuing to label our pictures as we write about things that are a certain color. Encourage your writer to label their pictures at home to add detail.

Number 8-10. Hopefully we can finish chapter two but with Halloween activities we may not.

Social Studies
Bucket filling

Pumpkin fun and the five senses.

Please get your student on the IXL and Raz-kids web sites as often as possible. See me for passwords/usernames.

Mr. E

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