Thursday, October 18, 2012

A couple things

Here is some clarification of what to do with student papers that come home.

Students bring papers home that they do in centers. This work is not graded and is sometimes incomplete. Students should finish the work at home but the work SHOULD NOT be returned. When this work is brought home please ask your child about it. This will help with the school to home connection and conversation. Also, sometimes I will send home extra work that I planned on doing in school but didn't get to it. This work can be done if your child needs extra work or just wants to do it. Please DO NOT RETURN this work either. Friday or Monday I will be sending home two math packets. The packets are "enrichment" work that correspond with the math chapter we are in. These packets will help the students a lot and help you as parents/guardians know what we are studying in math. Please DO NOT RETURN these packets. The reason I am sending two home is because we have finished chapter one and are now on chapter two. From here on out, they will come home when we start a new chapter.

Mr. E

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