Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Field trip week

Hello everyone,
Please excuse my tardiness on posting this week. I was out of the state for a few days. Anyways, this is what is up for this week.

We are reading Ms. Bindergarten goes on a Field Trip with Kindergarten. This story focuses a lot on community places and workers, so we will be talking about that a lot. We are learning about rhyming too.

For phonics we are focusing on Ss, Cc and still practicing our letter names and sounds.

For math we are reviewing numbers 1-5 and continuing to discuss 'same' and 'different'.

For writing we are working on adding more in our journal and also writing about our field trip coming up.

For social studies we are and will continue to focus on community helpers.

I sent home folders today should help with communication and getting papers where they need to be. The folders should stay in your child's backpack each day so they can get papers home safely and to me safely. Please go over the process with your child about taking papers out of their folder that are for me and putting them in my mailbox at school. Also, because we now have these folders, your child DOES NOT need to bring their homework BINDER to and from school anymore. (unless they do their homework at JCC after school) I WILL BE checking the folders quarterly before progress reports come out but I will communicate when that will be. CONTINUE TO DO THE HOMEWORK ON THE HOMEWORK SCHEDULE.  
That brings me to my next point.

So far this year I have sent home handwriting workbooks (pink) and phonics workbooks (purple). Please continue to have your child work in these periodically or daily. These are theirs to keep when they finish. Soon I will be sending home math packets. These packets are enrichment for what we are doing in the classroom. They go over the same problems and use the same vocabulary. Please work with your child on these because they may need help reading/understanding and MORE IMPORTANTLY so you can be knowledgeable about what we are learning in kindergarten math. Please have your child reading on Raz-kids and spending time on IXL to supplement pencil and paper work.

Great job on the Family projects! they were great and make our room look awesome! Can't wait to see the family trees.

Field Trip Friday
We are going to the pumpkin farm on Friday! All parents are invited to come as chaperones. I have already informed the five chaperones that are paid for already. If you didn't hear from me about coming for free then bring money to pay when we get there. I will send out an email tomorrow morning about when we are leaving. Please have your child dress warm because the high is 55 with no rain.

Remember: HALF DAY TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY)! DISMISSAL IS AT 11:15. JCC aftercare is provided until 2:45. Students can eat in the classroom from 10:45-11:15 (school lunch provided for same price as always)

Alright, that is enough.

Mr. E


  1. Sal has not brought a pink handwriting book home.

  2. Are the kids supposed to wear khakis and collared shirts on the day of the field trip or they can wear something else?

  3. They can wear something comfortable and warm.