Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22-26

We are reading "The Little Panda" this week. I will be introducing the reading skill "main idea". This is a difficult skill for young readers but it is valuable that they are introduced to it early on. They will focus on it more in second grade. We are using a non-fiction text because it is easier to understand the main idea of a non-fiction text. The main idea of "The Little Panda" is that the panda changes as it grows older. I will also start introducing the comprehension strategy "asking questions". Students will learn to think of questions they have while reading/hearing a text. This is easy to practice at home. I recommend doing a think aloud with your child (that is how I will introduce it). Simpy stop at times when reading and ask a question to yourself (e.g. I wonder why...).

Students have been thinking of their own writing ideas and work on adding detail to illustrations and telling more with words. Students should be able to write 3-5 focused sentences about a topic at this point. I will be sending home an assignment to do with your child for writing this week or next. At this point students are expected to think of their own writing ideas. This is difficult for some students. The assignment will be to make a "writing ideas" page with your child. Details will come home with the assignment.

We will be comparing sets this week (chapter 9). Students will use a number line to compare numbers to find which is more and less. This skill is a building block for future math concepts.

How do animals change?

Social Studies

I am running low on post-it notes and I want to start having the kids use them for reading. Any donations would be great!

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