Friday, February 26, 2016

Feb. 29 - Mar. 4

Our book next week is "Marcel and Farfallina". It is the final book in our animal changes three week mini unit. We will focus on main idea and asking questions (kids did really well with this!). Please ask your child about asking questions before, during, and after reading. Practice it at home.

We will be focusing on telling more this week. Kids did amazing writings this week. We introduced author's chair (check out the youtube) and had a author of the week. I didn't get done commenting on all writings but I will send them home next week. I hope to send them home weekly to show you what we are doing in school. Please send in your child's writing ideas and writing artifact next week. 

We are comparing and combining sets (early subtraction and addition skills). These are tough skills that will just be introduced to the students. We will go more in-depth later in the year. However, please work with your child on the concept of "How many more?/How many less? This question is difficult to differentiate from How many? At first. Practice, practice, practice.

Animal changes: butterfly life cycle and growing

Monday is February's Class Dojo Event!!! Game day for all who received a certificate! Bring a game to play. 

Looking for some post-it notes donation. Thanks.

Mr. E

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