Friday, January 15, 2016

January 19-22

We are reading The House that Tony Lives In. We will be comparing books and reviewing the comprehension strategy making connections.

Students are continuing to learn to blend letter sounds to make words. We are focusing on word families to correspond with the spelling tests too.

We will finish chapter 6 this week (numbers to 20). Also, I will introduce 3-D shapes to correspond with learning about building and working on family projects (building homes).

Students will use a writing web to write about a friend. They will use the web to help them develop sentences. They did a wonderful job with this last week!!!

Building a home.

Social Studies
Celebrating differences and feelings.

Field Trip Thursday
We are headed to Lego Land on Thursday. Chaperones should plan to be here at 9. We will meet you in the lobby. The buses will leave at 9:30. We should be back by 2 for sure.

Classroom Meet and Greet/Open House
Plan to stop by the classroom Friday, January 29th from 11:15-12:00 to see mingle and see what we do all day. Also, the students will be having a "game day" that day and you are welcome to join us for that (12-12:30).

Thanks again for all the donations.

Mr. E

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