Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan. 11-15

We are reading more books about homes around the world. We are reviewing our comprehension skills earned thus far this year (making connections, visualizing, and predicting).

Blending phonemes. Syllables.

We are writing about food this week. I will be introducing adjectives as I teach the students to add more detail to their words. Students will be expected to start writing two or more sentences with ending punctuation.

We are focusing on numbers 11-20 this week. These numbers usually end up being the toughest for kindergarten students to master so please work on them at home too. Especially numbers 12 and 20. Also, writing these numbers is tricky for students as they are often flipped (21 for 12).

Social Studies
Homes around the world.

Making a blueprint! (We are having an architect come in and teaching us all about how to make blueprints)

Please check out the new volunteer sign-up. I added guest reader time every Friday afternoon at 2:15.

Thank you for the toy and supply donations.

Mr. E

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