Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7-11

We are reading an assortment of hibernation and migration books this week. We are continuing to make predictions before and during reading. The students are also learning about what makes a non-fiction book different from a fiction book. We are focusing on the structure of the text like headings, captions, table of contents, etc.

We are learning the difficult math skill of finding how many more and less. The students can easily identify which has more given multiple towers or numbers. Deciphering how many MORE is the difficult part. New vocabulary is fewer, greater, and in all.

This week students will write about what they like/love about winter. Students are expected to start writing their own sentences with a capital and ending mark in the second quarter. Only a couple weeks in and many kids are already there!

Letter Gg, Jj, Ee, and Uu are our letters we are learning this week. The reason we are doing four is to finish the alphabet by winter break. Students are continuing to blend and segment sounds.

Hibernation and migration.

Social Studies
Cultures and holidays around the world.

Mr. E

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