Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14-18

My apologize for the tardiness of this update.

We are hearing, reading, and watching the Polar Express as I introduce the comprehension strategy of visualizing. Students are taught to make a movie in their head and use the adjectives of the book to create images in their head. This is a great strategy to practice when going to bed. Read aloud a story and have your child close their eyes and make a movie in their head.

We are finishing up the rest of the sounds in the alphabet in preparation for spelling tests in the new year. This week we are briefly going over the sounds for Q, V, W, X, Y, and Z. I know this is a lot of sounds for a week but we are also reviewing sounds at the end of each day. The majority of students already know these sounds and those that don't will be given extra time with me to learn them. Please make sure your child is making the correct sounds for W and Y. These are two tricky sounds. The W sounds is the sound a ghost makes and the Y sound is phonetically /yee/.

We are working through chapter five this week which focuses on size, order, and directional words (next to, behind, under, etc.)

Social Studies
We are discussing Winter holidays.

We are doing a brief author study on Jan Brett.

Hibernation and migration (family projects)

Mr. E

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