Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 27 - May 1

This week I will be reading The Lorax by: Dr. Seuss. This book goes along with our
caring for the environment" unit. We will be discussing main idea a bit and learning what a main idea of a book is. The students will also watch the Lorax and we will compare and contrast of the two. Students are also continuing to read to self and to someone for 10 minutes each daily. I can really see the growth in the reading during this time. Check out the video below to see read to self time in the classroom. Students are getting instructional small group reading instruction with me weekly too. They are learning to read fluent, attack difficult words, and monitor their comprehension.

Please help students learn to monitor and clarify at home. This is the most important early comprehension skill a child can learn (according to my DePaul professor). Students should monitor and clarify as they read to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading. When a child reads a sentence incorrectly and it makes no sense the child should stop (monitor) and realize that what they read didn't make sense. They should then go back and reread (clarify) and figure out what they missed and fix it for understanding. This can be done when listening to stories too. Have your child stop you when they don't understand something (a word, an idea, the plot) and clarify it's meaning.

Students will be doing some word sorts at their level during language time.

We will continue with (measurement) length and height. Then move to sorting and classifying. Please review (with your child) the math book that was sent home. Your child should be able to explain what we learned/did on each page and finish any undone pages. Keep the book at home.

We are continuing to make observations on our growing plants. We are learning about the environment and how we can take care of it. Students will also be introduced to decomposition this week.

Social Studies
We will continue to talk about being caring friends and preparing to be first graders in general. As the weather (and classroom) heats up and we get closer to summer break students behavior can get a bit rambunctious. Please continue to encourage your child to earn the class dojo points by following all the school and classroom rules.

Class Dojo
This Thursday students that receive their class dojo certificate for April (40 points) will enjoy a picnic lunch outside!

Mr. E

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