Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13-17

Over the next couple weeks the students will be learning about reading fluency. This knowledge will help them prepare for their read aloud over the next couple months (see assignment sent home today). Our new book for the week is Seeds.

Students will be introduced to writer's workshop where they will get to make their own books. We will be doing this for the rest of the year. Please complete the family project "writing ideas page" for writer's workshop. 

This week we are learning number facts to ten. Students will learn to use the language of "10 is 7 and 3." and "7 and 3 makes 10."

It is the start of our final unit entitled Connecting with our Environment. Students will be learning about seeds, plants, life cycles, and caring for our environment.

Social Studies
Students will be sharing their Flat Stanley adventures during Spring break.

Mr. E

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