Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 23-27

Our book of the week is See How We Grow. It is a story about two twin girls and how they change as they grow. The students will be bringing home a timeline of their life on Friday so you can be talking with them this week about important events that have happened in their life. We will be reading Flat Stanley and practicing our comprehension strategies during read to someone time.

We will be learning consonant blends this week and students should bring home a blends book they will make. Here are a few examples of consonant blends (sp, br, cl).

Students have been learning to write non-fiction stories. We have made classroom books about a place we know and about our classmates. This week the students will write about a healthy food. Students will be asked to use adjectives to describe (tell more) about the food they write about.

We are starting chapter 12 entitled "Counting on and Counting back" this week. Students will learn to add by putting one number in their head and counting on to find an answer (6+__=10). I will take a video of this process so you are aware how it is taught. Also, students will count back on their fingers from 10 to find an answer (10-3=__).

Social Studies
Being a caring friends to each other.

How we change and grow.

Mr. E

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