Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb. 9-13

During our comprehension time this week I will be modeling think-alouds and then the students will get a chance to practice the strategy. Basically students are asked to "think-aloud" while they read. So they might stop reading and make a connection aloud, or ask a question, or make a prediction. These are all strategies we have been learning but with young readers doing it aloud it more developmentally appropriate then having them think in their heads. I encourage you to think-aloud when reading books to your child at home. They learn by seeing and copying so have fun with it. We will also be reading valentine books and discussing how we can show love to each other (not the romance kind but the caring friend kind). Students will be writing valentines to each other and reviewing how we can be caring friends to everyone.

With that being said, I wanted to say this. At this point in the year students have become comfortable with each other and are starting to find who they really connect with. While friendships are great and I encourage friendship development I am also trying to teach the students to be a caring "friend" to everyone. I have started to see some students becoming "attached" to each other and protective over each other. Please have a discussion with your child about being a caring friend to everyone, even if they are different or your not really "friends" with them. Thanks.

Social Studies
We are focusing on our social skills and being caring friends and loving others. (see above)

Students will be using a writing web for the first time this week. They will use it to organize their ideas before writing. This will be in addition to our regular writing curriculum.

I feel like the students need extra writing instruction now until the end of the year to improve writing. We will be moving to writer's workshop in a month or so and the students need to become independent writers. Please help your child remember capitalization, spacing, and an ending mark when they are writing.

Students will be given focused phonics instruction based on their needs. Some students are still working on sounding out Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words while others are learning different spellings for long vowel words (rain). All students will be bringing home a baggy filled with letters that can be put together to make their spelling words. This is a more engaging way for them to practice their words although they should still work on writing them too.

We are learning number up to 79 this week and students are continuing to learn using "ten towers" and "cubes" to make up numbers. They are also being introduced to place value and should soon be able to explain that the number 53 is made up of five "towers" and 3 "cubes" or ones. All students should be able to identify, count and order numbers 1-100 by the end of February.

Family Project
I will be sending home the February family project tomorrow. Students are asked to bring in a collection of 100 things for the 100th day (which is next week). Students should work on counting out their 100 items by making ten groups of ten. Please send the 100 items to school SOMETIME during the week of Feb.17th-20th.

Valentines Party
We will be celebrating valentine's day on Friday, Feb. 13th with an afternoon party. Student may bring in valentines BUT NO FOOD/CANDY/TREATS please. Email Jen Vojticek if you are able to volunteer for the party 1:15-2:45.

Mr. Edwards

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