Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feb. 23-27

We are focusing on thinking during reading this week for comprehension. Students already do this but I want them to learn to be aware what they are thinking about when they are reading. Our story of the week is The Night Worker. It is about a boy that goes to work with his father at night on a construction site.

We are continuing to work on capitalization, ending marks, and adding more. Students should also be writing their sight words correctly in their writing (i.e. like, my not lik, mi).

Students will continue to sort short and long vowel sounds and we will do a "H-brother" review on Friday (sh, th, ch, wh).

We are finishing numbers to 100 and working with the 100 chart. Students will do an assessment using the 100 chart on Wednesday. If your child is still struggling with their numbers to 100 I will send some math stuff home for extra practice at the end of the week. This week we will learn new math vocabulary: greater, least, more, less, fewer. We will start introducing comparing sets on Thursday.

Social Studies
We will continue with our social/emotional curriculum with Miss Sapieka on Monday.

Since our book of the week is about night time, I will be reading about nocturnal animals.

This is the last week for your child to get Dojo points for the February prize (double recess and no homework for a week!). Please encourage your child to do their best at school. Students will bring home a certificate this week if they have gotten the 50 points.
This is also the last week for the IXL and Raz-kids February challenges. Encourage your child to work on these websites for a chance at a book set or a pizza party.

Mr. E

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