Monday, January 19, 2015

January 20-23

We will be reading The House That Tony Lives In this week and be discussing materials, workers, and tools used to build a house. We will be connecting this with the materials and tools used to build the children homes that they chose to build out of boxes and other supplies. We will also be focusing on the sequence of the story/building of the house. During "read to self" and "read to someone", students will practice their comprehension skills such as predicting and asking questions while they read.

We will be continuing to explore vowel sounds and learn different word patterns. Please help your child with their spelling words by helping them see the letter patterns (i.e. -at, -en, -ip).

We will begin chapter 8 entitled "Numbers to 100". Students should be able to identify and count to 20 by now so this chapter will be numbers 0-20. This chapter also explores skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, tally marks, and the relationship between double digit numbers and groups of tens and ones (i.e. The number 89 is made of eight groups of 10 and nine ones.). We will continue to discuss shapes as students use boxes and other solid items to build their cardboard homes.

Students will be doing a special "I have a dream..." writing for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They will also get a chance to write non-fiction stories about an animal they know well. I will continue to model how to use writing webs to organize writing.

Social Studies
Homes around the world.

How to use different material to build homes.

I am still looking for volunteers to come in and help the kids build their homes. I will also be accepting boxes/building materials throughout this week as the students start to make their homes they chose.

Mr. E

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