Monday, April 7, 2014

April 8-11

Vaeda, Sean, Niza and Travis will be reading during story time this week.
I would like all children to be practicing active reading and "beyond the text" comprehension. They should be thinking about characters feelings, author's purpose and inferring things when reading/listening to stories.

We will be having one more week of introduction to writer's workshop as the students see how the entire process (brainstorm, first draft, editing, publishing) works and the outcome. Students should bring their writing ideas sheet to school this week.

We are starting the early addition and subtraction skills. Students will be counting on to make ten (6 and how many more make 10?) and counting back on their fingers.

Social Studies
We will be reading Flat Stanley's Original Adventure this week. Students will be making their own "Flat Stanley" (or whatever they want to name it) to take with them on any adventures they have over Spring break. I will send information on this home with their cut-out Stanley. Basically, your child will take/draw pictures of their Spring Break adventures with Flat Stanley. After Spring break I will put up a map and we will display all the pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures.

We will be doing a web activity that will help students describe things with adjectives.

Note: Students will only have P.E. Thursday this week due to a schedule change. Starting next week they will have it Thursdays and Fridays.

Mr. E

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