Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28-May 2

We will continue to work on our fluency this week through reader's theater. Student's will be performing their  reader's theater story on their groups assigned days. Please email me if you do not know your students performance day. This is different from their read aloud story day. Please help your child become more fluent when reading at home by using expression, changing the volume, tone, and sound of their voice and also by reading smooth and not bouncing from word to word.

We will be doing a quick pattern review and then getting in to number facts. Students shold be using math vocabulary to build sentences such as: 2 and 3 make 5, 4 and 1 make five, 10 is 3 and 7, etc. We will be taking our end of the year NWEA computer assessment Thursday morning. 

Students are making books through the writer's workshop experience. Students are learning to brainstorm, write, edit and publish. Encourage your child to make books at home as well and/or show family members the writer's workshop process.

We are reading Whose Garden is it and learning more about seeds and plants and how they interact with our environment. I hope to also read a book called Love Your World to the kids and discuss how we can help our environment at school, home and in our community. We read and watched The Lorax last week and the kids seemed really excited about how we can take care of our world so I am trying to take that excitement and turn it into something productive. We are growing lots of flowers in the room and students are doing science observations daily.

Social Studies
We are continuing to work on being a more caring community and having discussions about how we can be more caring towards each other.

Mr. E

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