Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb. 24-28

We are focusing on the comprehension skill of identifying the main idea this week. This is a difficult skill for kindergartners. I try to simplify it by simply asking the students "Why do you think the author wrote the story?" If it is a fiction story it might have a moral or it might teach a lesson. I just want the students to continue to be active readers and realize that stories are written by real authors and illustrators just like they write real stories. 

We are focusing on writing about an event in our life and expanding on it and adding detail. Students will be introduced to adding text to their illustrations such as spoken words and/or sound words (i.e. boom, slam).

We are continuing/finishing consonant blends. The students did a great job with this last week and we will put up a video of them hopefully tomorrow. Students should now be able to identify beginning blends when they are reading and hopefully transferring that to their writing. (i.e. Students should be able to spell clap correctly and not just write the c-a-p sounds. Encourage them to look for blends in words in they see/read and use them correctly when writing. 

Number 20-49 and continuing to work on skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Students should understand that the number 34 is made up of 3 tens and four ones. I will connect this concept to our ten frames we used earlier in the year. 
Also, have students use tally marks as much as they can at home. They can count with them or take family polls like we do class polls during calendar.

Social Studies
Our book this week is The Night Worker. It is about a dad that works construction at night in a big city. I will be connecting this with our city and students will read and look at pictures about Chicago. 

Reminder, the Raz-kids monthly challenge ends Saturday morning. I will let the winner know next Monday. 

Mr. E

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