Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb. 10-14

This week is full of excitement and fun activities in room 110. Thursday is the 100th day and will be full of special 100 activities. Please send your child with their 100th day project on Thursday. Friday is Valentine's day and we will have a Valentine's day party after lunch. Students can bring valentines if they would like but do not have to. We have 29 students if you do send them. There is no school Wednesday to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday.

We will be reading all sorts of topic books this week. Books about Abe Lincoln, the 100th day and Valentine's day. I will be reviewing and assessing students comprehension skills that we have learned thus far. 

We will be wrapping up our shapes chapter and getting into numbers to 100. This chapter includes counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. 

We are continuing to learn how to write more and add detail. Students are also learning how to listen and respond to stories by responding with "I learned..." and "I want to know...". I hope to introduce the Author's chair this week. The author's chair will be a special place where authors can share their writing with the class.

Social Studies
Abe Lincoln
Getting along/being nice to one another

Wish list
We are almost out of paper towels once again. Please send one or two rolls when you are able. Thanks.

Mr. E

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