Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 4-8

We will be reading Abuela this week. It is a story about an adventure a girl goes on with her grandmother in New York City. We will be learning the term character as well as continuing to talk about setting. I will be introducing the students to the phrase "active reading" and teaching them that reading isn't just hearing the words or saying the words but thinking about the story as we read/hear it.

Students will be writing about what they love about themselves as well as write letters to classmates about what they like about them. Students should be writing sentences now using the sight words they know and sound out words (turtle talking). For example, this week they will be expected to write a sentence like this: I love my hair. We will also we brainstorming new writing ideas.

Chapter three is all about size and measurement. Students will learn vocabulary such as: bigger, medium sized, smaller, taller than, shorter than and longer.

Social Studies
We will start making our kindergarten project that will be ongoing throughout the year. Students will learn about their world as we progress bigger and bigger. This week they will start with 'Me' and 'My family'.
You will also be getting more information later this week about a food drive we will be doing working up until Thanksgiving break.

My room parents will be sending out a google document where you can sign up for conferences next Tuesday, November 12th. Looking forward to seeing/talking to all of you.

Mr. E

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