Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 18-22

We are reviewing skills we learned in unit 1 during the next seven school days. We will begin unit 2 after Thanksgiving break. We will be learning how to find key details (character, setting, problem, solution, main idea) in a story.

We are finishing our writings about things we are interested in and then we will be doing some partner writing about different topics. Students will be introduced to writing more as many of them are at the point where they can write more than one sentence about a topic.

We are composing and decomposing numbers up to five as well as counting and ordering up to ten. These would be skills like "3 and 2 make 5." or "I can make 5 with 1 and 4." These are early addition and subtraction skills that will help the student later in the year. Students will also be learning the vocabulary "one more" and be asked to identify a number that is one more than another (up to 10).

Social studies
We are still collecting food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The students have until next Tuesday to get 150 items. I think they are at about 100 right now! Keep it up! We will be learning about needs and wants this week and doing activities and reading books about it.

Sight word game of the week
"Hot or Cold"
Hide a word in a room. Tell your child what word they need to find and then give them directions using the vocabulary hot, warm, warmer, cool, colder, cold (this is a great chance to reinforce/introduce new vocabulary and what it means). When they find it have them read it and spell it with eyes open then closed. A way to make it more difficult is to not tell them the word but still give them directions on how to find it. Then they must read it when they find it. We will play this game in school so your child should be familiar with it. Encourage them to play with siblings or other family members and they can take turns being the hider/clue giver. Have fun learning those sight words!

Mr. E

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