Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 6-10

We are reading Farfallina and Marcel. This is one of my favorite stories we read during kindergarten. It is about two friends, a caterpillar and a gosling. One day the caterpillar is tired and climbs a tree and the gosling waits and waits for her but she never comes back down. He is sad and goes on with his life. When Farfallina emerges as a butterfly her friend is gone and she is sad too. They eventually discover each other again as a goose and a butterfly. We will be discussing the life cycle of a butterfly as well as how things (animals, plants, humans) change.

This will be our last week doing poetry and we will be learning about some different names/styles of poems (acrostic, shape) and experimenting with them. Your child will bring home all their poetry from our unit in a poetry book.
For writer's workshop we will continue to working on adding detail to our stories by adding detail to our characters (hair/eye color, size, height, personality, etc.) and to our setting (weather, time period, type of place, etc.).

We will continue to keep a science log on our flowers as they grow and change daily. As well as watching the process of stuff decompose.

We will get into subtraction this week and review adding. Students caught on to this quickly last week using little tricks like the adding pokey (on my youtube channel) and the little jingle "I count on 6 from 4 to make 10, WOO!" It makes more sense if your child does it for you. Students will also continue to be exposed to coins and learning their names and values. We have a classroom store to shop at on Fridays that was a big hit last week (Thank you Nettie!). I will also be introducing time to the hour briefly during our calendar times.

Have a wonderful week! I know we will.

Mr. E

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