Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 20-24

We are reading Little Panda this week as we continue our study of animals. (the kids had a blast learning about chameleons last week) For the rest of the year we will be making inferences while we read as well as using all the other strategies we learned this year. Making inferences is like being a reading detective. Using clues from the text to figure things out.

We will continue to review different types of writing that we learned this year as we put together our kindergarten writing book. I am also using fun texts/books as models to give students ideas of how to make their stories/books more interesting.

We are composing and decomposing numbers to 20. The kids did great last week with numbers to 10 so they should catch on to this quick. We will be using ten frames this week. Students should be able to use vocabulary like 10 and 4 is 14, or 14 is 10 and 4. We will also be subtracting and adding with a number line. Students should be able to say the 14 is 2 more than 12 by finding 12 on a number line and jumping two numbers more. We are exploring adding coins a bit as well as telling time to the hour. (just introducing this though)

Social Studies
We will be taking 5-10 minutes each day prior to recess to discuss social issues and talk about appropriate behavior towards one another at recess and always. Please continue this conversation at home.

There are a lot of new videos on my youtube channel from last week. (search lee edwards)

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