Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The next two short weeks

We are reading a book called Abuela. It is a book with lots of Spanish words and the kids seem to enjoy that. (especially the Spanish language students) We will read it a couple more times tomorrow and Friday and discuss the parts of a story. Here is the song we sing to help us remember the parts of the story. The students will bring home a paper weekly that has the title, author, illustrator, setting and characters from our story of the week. Please discuss it with them.
Next week we will not be reading a specific story for the week. We will read some fun Thanksgiving books and do some Thanksgiving activities.
Over these next five days of school I will be teaching the students how to do "Daily 5" and practicing it. It is similar to centers but bit different. I will be sending something home about it soon.

We are reading a book called I Love my Hair. It is giving us ideas about things we love about ourselves. Students will be making a book about the things they love about themselves. Still working on sounding out words (turtle talking), labeling, adding detail, capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and putting an ending mark (period) at the end of a sentence.
Next week we will be doing some fun Thanksgiving writing.

We have moved on to chapter 3 which is size. Students are learning new vocabulary like biggest, bigger than, medium sized, smallest and smaller than.

We are doing our "blue book" daily which is a call and response time for students to work ongoing phonics skills. This weeks letter is Oo.

Social Studies:
Next week we will be doing an ongoing project where students create a flip book that shows their world. It will start with them, then their home/neighborhood and then their community. Eventually they will add their city, state, country, and so on. It will come home complete sometime in the Spring.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday surprise and gift. It was extremely generous of you. Thanks again.

Mr. E

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