Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nov. 5 - Nov. 9

Here is what is up for the week.

We are reading If You Could Go To Antarctica. We will be reviewing and learning the parts of a story. We have a fun video/song to remember the parts. See if your child can sing it. The parts of a story we are reviewing are the author and illustrator (and what they do) and I will be introducing characters and setting. Tomorrow your child should be bringing home a "Parts of a story" worksheet about this week's book. This will be a weekly worksheet that they will bring home on Mondays. Please use the sheet as a talking tool when asking your child about school and review the parts of a story with them weekly/daily.

This week I am introducing the Daily 5 to the students. It is a daily activity that we do each morning that will replace "center" time. I will be sending material home about the "Daily 5" around Thanksgiving.

We are writing about shapes and learning what good writers do. The kids will also be bringing home a book they wrote about them as a super hero with super senses (these should be great!) This will close our study of the 5 senses.

Finishing up numbers to 10 and giving the students an assessment to see how much they learned during the first quarter of math. They will also be bringing home their math books that we are finished with. Please go through your child's book with them and discuss some of the things we have been learning. If there are any unfinished problems in the book please have your child finish. Keep the book at home. DO NOT RETURN IT. We are having fun with shapes this week too. Introducing antonyms.

Social Studies:
Discussing our theme of classroom community. Learning about different feelings.

Finishing up the 5 senses.

Remember that Friday is a half-day and dismissal is at 11:15. Plan accordingly.

Sign-up for parent teacher conferences on November 13th using the google document that Sarah made. See you next Tuesday.

Mr. E

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  1. Hi Mr. E,
    Imaan did not bring home the "parts of a story" worksheet. May be she forgot it in school.
    Thank you