Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 3-7

We are reading "This is How We Go To School". It is a great book about how kids all over the world get to school. We will be comparing/contrasting how kids go to school around the world. We will be focusing on illustrations and how they support the text. We will also continue to work on making connections with stories and activating prior knowledge before reading.

We are focusing on letters Ss and Cc this week. These letters are purposefully taught together to help students understand the difference sounds.

Students will continue to build writing stamina during writer's workshop. Students will review and learn new routines during writing time.

We are learning numbers 6-8 this week. Students will continue to read and write numbers 1-8 while also playing math games with partners.

Five senses

Social Studies
How do students around the world get to school?

The start of a new month means a fresh start for Dojo points. Students should strive for 35 points each month. Please return field trip forms and money. Tomorrow is the last chance to donate for the Track-a-thon so please send money tomorrow. We have library this Wednesday so please send back Miss Keane's library books.

Mr. E

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