Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5-9

We are reading stories about how children around the world get to school. Our reading skill this week will be to identify illustrations and tell how they support the text. We will be discussing author vs. illustrator too. Our comprehension strategies this week are drawing conclusions and making connections.

We will continue to master numbers to ten as we focus on numbers six and seven this week. We will also continue using math vocab such as same, different, color words, and shape words.

Students will write about what they like to do with their family this week. The students will each publish a page and we will make another classroom book (that is why you aren't seeing their focus writing every week).

Letters Ss and Cc is our focus this week. We will learn the sounds and do some sorting of items with their beginning sound. We will also continue to learn about rhymes and start blending sounds to read CVC words.

Five senses and feeling fabrics. Pumpkins.

Social Studies
School around the world. Introducing talking and sharing during Second Step.

Mr. E

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