Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 17-21

We will be reading about animal homes as we start our new unit this week. Monday we will be interacting with the Three Little Pigs because the students will be going on the Story Bus tomorrow. Students will be exposed to a non-fiction text and learn the different parts. (table of contents, glossary, heading, etc.)

We will be focusing on letters Hh and Ll this week.

Students will write about things they see. We will read I Went Walking to help get ideas. We will also do a nature/school walk to help develop ideas for writing what we see.

Students will learn to count on using their fingers, show the meaning of same and more (how much more), and be introduced to the math vocabulary word: fewer.

Students will learn about, discuss, and compare animal homes. We will begin to talk about migration and hibernation while identifying and comparing animals winter preparations.

Social Studies
The school counselor will be joining us to teach students the difference between small and big problems.

Class wish list
-Whose House is this? By: Elizabeth Gregoire

Mr. E

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