Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 22-26

Our story for this week is This is the Way We Go to School. We will be discussing and doing activities about how we get to school and how else we could get to school. We will be learning early reading skills such as identifying author and illustrator, how to use the pictures to help understanding, where we start to read, where we go at the end of a line, cover, title page, etc.

We will be learning letters Aa and Pp this week. Also, we are beginning to learn about rhymes.

Students will here a story about school. They will write and share about what they do at school.

We will continue to learn numbers to ten as well as new math vocabulary such as different and same.

We will be naming our pet katydid this week and introducing the five senses.

Social Studies
We will continue to discuss feelings and how to be a classroom and school community.

Students will be introduced to more of our normal school day schedule as they continue to improve at our routines and procedures. I am also hoping to introduce our classroom Dojo classroom rewards to the children tomorrow. I will email a copy to you so that you are aware too.

I will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday for a funeral in Minnesota but Miss Erin and my substitute will keep the learning going. I will prepare the students for my absence but please remind them to "do their best" on those days. Thank you.

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