Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 3-7

This week is LaSalle II Healthy Week! We will be doing some fun healthy things in the room as well as learning about being healthy. A letter will come home tomorrow explaining it.

Armadillo's Orange is our book this week. We are focusing on synthesis as our comprehension skill for the rest of the year. Synthesis is pretty much taking all the comprehension skills learned this year and putting them all together. It is not just reading a text and knowing the story details but understanding why characters feel a certain way or knowing what a character will do next, by connecting to personal experiences from the book.

We continue to explore being authors. We will be writing a how-to-essay for our kindergarten writing book.

We will visit height and connect it with length (which we learned last week). We will briefly review sorting and classifying before getting into addition stories at the end of the week. We are still exploring time/clocks and throughout our days.

Social Studies
Working on the next page of our kindergarten book which is "My country". Learning a bit about the U.S.A.

We will begin the process of transforming our classroom into a zoo. Students are putting together a culminating project this year that you will be invited to come and visit June the 14th. Students will pick a animal (or zoo job) and research it and become it. More info to follow via email.

Mr. E

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