Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 4th-8th

We are reading The Night Worker. We are reviewing sequencing/retelling the story. (first, next, then, last or beginning, middle, end) I am also introducing main idea to them. We will be discussing this with reading and writing. This is a more difficult concept for them to grasp.

Just so you are aware. We have two different times for writing. First thing in the morning is our "writing" time that we have been doing all year where we work on basic skills and use books to help us understand how to write better. Our "writer's workshop" time happens during language time and that is the time where students are working on their own books and stories.
For "writing" this week we are learning how to write non-fiction. For "writer's workshop we are reviewing our writing ideas and talking about the writing process.

Numbers 50-100. Counting, making numbers with cubes and sequencing numbers.

Social Studies:
Continuing to learn about machines and the jobs they do. Learning new vocabulary for night jobs.

We are going through pencils fast as we begin to write more and more. Could you send some in if you are able. Thanks.

Mr. E

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